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New year, new goals: Tips on making them happen

Dylan point loma january 2021 goals

New year’s resolutions can be tough to start and keep up. Whether it’s new goals for fitness, organizing, better habits at works, interpersonal, etc., we can help. Here are some core concepts to help you stay aligned with your goals for 2021.

BE REALISTIC: Write your goals down. Don’t edit yourself. Brainstorming is a wonderful way to get the big picture. It’s okay to let your imagination run wild. Being open to every possibility is exciting. The next step is to start to narrow down your list. If you try to accomplish everything, that’s a ton of pressure. So, by coming up with a top 3, 2, or even 1 goal is a good idea. Focus is a wonderful tool to help stay on track.

CONSISTENCY: Starting a new goal can seem challenging. Consistency is everything. If you work towards your goals consistently, you’re much more likely to achieve them. Even if you’re only working on a seemingly small part of that goal, keep going. You might even want to set reminders on your cell phone or write yourself a note and put it in a place where you see it often.

FLEXIBILITY: We are all human beings. No one is perfect. If you “fall off the wagon,” it’s okay. It happens. Just hop back on and keep trying. Goals can also evolve over time and circumstances. It’s more than okay to alter them to reflect these things. It’s not how you get there necessarily, it’s getting to the finish line in your own way.

REWARD YOURSELF ALONG THE WAY: Make sure to provide yourself some rewards for the little victories you have along the way to your ultimate goals. It can be a simple thing like ordering delivery from your favorite restaurant, buying yourself some flowers, a long hot shower or bubble bath, a scenic walk around Point Loma, binging a new tv show, or more. Definitely take a moment or two to experience your feelings of accomplishment along the way. Recognize your own progress. It’s important.

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